A Brief History of the Vince Lombardi Trophy by Tiffany & Co.

Vince Lombardi Trophy

Vince Lombardi Trophy

In honor of the Super Bowl XLVII here is a brief history of the Vince Lombardi Trophy

The Baltimore Ravens just took home the fabled Vince Lombari Trophy tonight with their 34-31 point victory over the San Francisco 49\’ers in Super Bowl XLVII. Before I was in the auction business, Tiffany & Co. had a very limited meaning to me. It meant overpriced jewelry that could win the affections of a lady, stained glass lamps, the place where Audrey Hepburn had breakfast, and of course, the Vince Lombardi Trophy; the trophy awarded to the NFL team that wins the Super Bowl. Since 1837, Tiffany & Co. has manufactured and sold luxury goods. It would take another 130 years for the company to make its greatest creation when, in 1967, the NFL commissioned the trophy. The design was sketched on a cocktail napkin by NFL commissioner Pete Rozelle and Tiffany & Co. vice president Oscar Reidner. The famed trophy was originally called the World Professional Football Championship Trophy and in 1970 would be renamed after the death of legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi who\’s team claimed the first two trophies in Super Bowls I and II. Weighing in at 7lbs and made entirely of sterling silver, the trophy has a silver value of about $3500; but considering what it takes to acquire the Vince Lombardi Trophy, it is priceless and has never been sold at auction.

There is only one way to get an authentic Lombardi Trophy and that is to own an NFL franchise that wins the Super Bowl. The trophy belongs to the franchise and since Super Bowl XXX is presented to the owner of the franchise with 150 championship rings commemorating the victory crafted and given by the NFL to players, coaches and staff. In some cases, team owners will commission limited edition replicas of the trophy for their players and staff. These are extremely rare, almost never make it to auction with only a handful selling in the past decade. When these illusive collectibles do appear on the block they can fetch anywhere from $10,000-20,000. One such replica was featured on the hit television show Pawn Stars but the Pawn Stars were not able to come to terms with the seller. If you find yourself in a position to own one of these it’s the closest you can get to the real thing. Given the scarcity, it is a must have for the NFL Championship memorabilia collector.

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