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Bidding: How to Beat The Computer in the Room

The internet has revolutionized auction, changing the way auctions are conducted worldwide. With internet auction sites like Live Auctioneers, Art Fact, Auction Zip and The Sale Room, anyone can bid in real time during an auction almost like they were there on the floor. Online bidders have a way of increasing the auctioneer’s bottom line but to […]

Seniors: Downsizing Part 1

Downsizing is the act of reducing possessions mainly due to moving or a change in overall style or interior design. Senior citizens are the largest group of people to downsize on a regular basis, and as the baby boomers age we are going to see the largest turnover in property, ever in the history of […]
Sheet of Hitler Stamps

Nazi Memorabilia at Auction: Spoils of War or Symbols of Hate?

Unlike stamps and coins, Nazi memorabilia is not the most common collectible.  Some would argue that it is not a collectible at all.  Although perhaps not the most common of collections, Nazi memorabilia is highly collectible and often brings high prices when brought to auction. Today, I had a walk-in consignor with a rather peculiar […]

Equal Footing: The +1 of absentee bidding

By Renee Corbino   Over dinner with some of my colleagues in the auction world, we began talking about absentee bidding and how sometimes an item will sell to a floor bidder for the exact same amount as an earlier absentee bid.  Many times clients feel that because their bid was in first, prior to […]
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You Want to Set a Table Like Betty Draper? You can, and its cheap too!

By Renee Corbino You’re ready to host a formal dinner for a special occasion and you want to throw it Mad Men style?  Betty Draper in Season 2, Episode 8, titled “A Night to Remember” throws a formal dinner party for  several of Don’s business partners.  Her table is exquisitely set with fine china, silver, […]

Buyer’s Premium Explained

Buyer’s Premium: At auction, the Buyer’s Premium is an expense, added to the Hammer Price, which is price the auctioneer sells an item for on the sales floor during the auction.  For example, if you go to an auction with a buyer’s premium of 15%, buy something on the sales floor for $100, when you […]
Postage Stamps

Collectible Spotlight: Selling Inherited Stamps

According to FS Collectibles, stamp collecting is the third most common type of collection following baseball cards, and coins. Because they are so common especially among Baby Boomers, you will likely have to deal with selling inherited stamps at some point in your life.  However, selling inherited stamps can be one of the most frustrating […]

Selling Gold & Silver at Auction

Advice on how to get you the best deal from an auction house for your precious metals. When it comes to selling gold, silver and other precious metals at auction, there are advantages and disadvantages; but for most auctioneers, selling gold and silver at auction is a no-brainer. They want to sell it for you. […]
Pair of Engraved Revolvers

Collectible Spotlight: Selling Inherited Guns

Here are a few things to consider when selling inherited guns (both modern or antique firearms). Saturday, I got back from an early morning auction in the country exhausted yet intrigued by my experience.  I have gone to Pete’s Auction in Madison, Virginia several times before for their Saturday Antique and Collectibles Auction which generally […]

Absentee Bidding: 6 Tips to Make Sure You Get What You Pay For

By Renee Corbino So, you’ve combed the internet for that painting by the artist you saw on your honeymoon in Italy, the porcelain figurine you remember from your grandparents house as a child, or that perfect piece of jewelry to celebrate your 10 year anniversary, and you’re ready to buy.  The only problem? The auctions […]