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Artist Profile: Angelica Kauffman

By Renee Corbino Wendy Roworth in “Woman, Art, and Politics in 18th century Europe,” a collection of scholarly essays examining the role of woman in art, titles her essay on Angelica Kauffman as “Ancient Matrons and Modern Patrons” and this title accurately encompasses Kauffman’s career as a historical painter who couched allegory, portraiture, and ancient […]
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Conversation Pieces: Cellaret

Cellaret: A “chest, usually of wood and of ornamental design, to hold bottles of wine in a dining room.” (Dictionary of the Decorative Arts, by John Flemming and Hugh Honour, Harper & Row, New York, 1977. p. 158.) While this short definition is absolutely accurate, it does nothing to articulate the sheer volume of cellarets […]

Vocab Lesson: Jardiniere

Jardiniere: “A stand for flower pots, usually in metal, but sometimes in wood.”   (The Dictionary of Decorative Arts, by John Fleming and Hugh Honour, Harper and Row, 1977, p.415.) While these flower pots do appear in wood and metal, the most popular jardinieres are in earthenware or porcelain, and achieved great popularity in American […]
Cloisonne Bowl

Technique: Enamel

Enamel: A vitreous substance normally applied and fused to copper, silver, gold or other metals.  Most are lead-load or lead-potash with or without color. When the objects are fired, opaque enamels are fired at a low temperate, while transparent enamels are fired at a higher temperature, giving them the names grand feu and petit feu. […]
Saddle Seat

Vocab Lesson: Saddle Seat

Saddle Seat: A chair seat carved and curved like a saddle, especially one on a Windsor chair. (Source: The Dictionary of Decorative Arts, by John Fleming and Hugh Honour, Harper and Row, 1977)