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Double Irish Chair Feedsack quilt

Stitches and Such: Feedsack Quilts

A certain American romance surrounds the women who, when forced out of necessity, either through poverty or war, made useful and, often times, beautiful quilts and clothes out of a lowly feed sack, a byproduct of consumer culture that is reborn in the hands of thrifty and ingenious American women.  There is certainly a nostalgia […]
Attributed to Hannah Foote, Baltimore, Maryland c.1860. Sold at Sotheby's New York January 2004 for $72,000.

Collectible Spotlight: Selling Inherited Quilts

Some would say that there is no more American art form than a quilt.  Made by the earliest settlers, they have been around since the late seventeenth century.  They are also a common item to be passed down from generation to generation so you are likely to inherit one at some point.  However, quilts can […]