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Exhibition Review: Pre-Raphaelites: Victorian Art and Design, 1848–1900

In a survey of art history, little attention is given to the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.  Generally, the majority of the nineteenth century is passed over in favor of discussing the Baroque and Rococo of the seventeenth century or the avant-garde of the twentieth century.  The Pre-Raphaelites are a casualty of this oversight with more attention given […]
Bunny with eggs

Collecting Folklore: The Easter Bunny

As a child, I always wondered how the Easter bunny knew that my favorite candy was chocolate malted eggs, and regularly left more than enough in my basket. (Really I think he was leaving enough for family to eat their fair share well)  As an adult, the Easter bunny rarely makes an appearance at my […]

Seniors: Downsizing Part 1

Downsizing is the act of reducing possessions mainly due to moving or a change in overall style or interior design. Senior citizens are the largest group of people to downsize on a regular basis, and as the baby boomers age we are going to see the largest turnover in property, ever in the history of […]
Cloisonne Bowl

Technique: Enamel

Enamel: A vitreous substance normally applied and fused to copper, silver, gold or other metals.  Most are lead-load or lead-potash with or without color. When the objects are fired, opaque enamels are fired at a low temperate, while transparent enamels are fired at a higher temperature, giving them the names grand feu and petit feu. […]

Great Free Advertising for Auction Houses

Auctions are online, why not on YouTube? By Anson Brown Since the advent of e-Bay and other online auction sites, the auction industry has benefited greatly from using technology. Many auction houses sell online through sites like LiveAuctioneers, ArtFact, and AuctionZip. In spite of these way these sales venues have revolutionized auction, driving sales up […]

Go Green, Save Green, Buy at Auction!

Second hand saves the planet and saves you money… Every decade or so, Americans seem to become hyper aware of the need to save the environment and “go green.” When I was the tender age of 12, in 1992, the incoming democratic administration of President Bill Clinton and Vice President Al Gore, brought environmentalism to […]