Term of the Day: Listed Artist

Landscape What is a “Listed artist”? Listed artist is a term that is thrown around every day at an auction house.  One of those terms that we use so often that we begin to forget that everyone doesn’t know it’s meaning.  But it isn’t as self-explanatory as it seems, nor as simple as some definitions may lead […] Continue reading →

Vocab Lesson: Jardiniere

Jardiniere Jardiniere: “A stand for flower pots, usually in metal, but sometimes in wood.”   (The Dictionary of Decorative Arts, by John Fleming and Hugh Honour, Harper and Row, 1977, p.415.) While these flower pots do appear in wood and metal, the most popular jardinieres are in earthenware or porcelain, and achieved great popularity in American […] Continue reading →

Kitsch at Auction: A Case Study

On June 22, 1964, the Supreme Court judges handed down a decision on the case of Jacobellis v. Ohio.  The question at hand was whether to uphold or reverse the lower court’s decision that the film The Lovers was pornographic and could thus be censored under obscenity laws.  In the concurring opinion Justice Potter Stewart […] Continue reading →

Stitches and Such: Feedsack Quilts

Double Irish Chair Feedsack quilt A certain American romance surrounds the women who, when forced out of necessity, either through poverty or war, made useful and, often times, beautiful quilts and clothes out of a lowly feed sack, a byproduct of consumer culture that is reborn in the hands of thrifty and ingenious American women.  There is certainly a nostalgia […] Continue reading →

Technique: Enamel

Cloisonne Bowl Enamel: A vitreous substance normally applied and fused to copper, silver, gold or other metals.  Most are lead-load or lead-potash with or without color. When the objects are fired, opaque enamels are fired at a low temperate, while transparent enamels are fired at a higher temperature, giving them the names grand feu and petit feu. […] Continue reading →