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The Mad Men Art of Japan in Bertram Cooper’s Office

Once widely collected, but today rarely appearing on people’s homes, Japanese woodblock prints can be seen lining the walls of the old office of senior partner┬áBertram “Bert” Cooper, (played ┬áRobert Morse) in seasons one through four of the television series Mad Men. Woodblock printing is one of the oldest techniques of creating prints dating back […]
"A Brush for the Lead", lithograph by Currier and Ives, 1867. Source:

Print & Graphics Series I: Identification of The Lithograph

Lithograph is a a word you will hear thrown around a lot if you spend any amount of time in the art or auction industry looking at antique prints and graphics. To many people, every print is a “lithograph” though this is not technically correct. Lithograph is NOT a term, it is a medium of […]