Vocab Lesson: Jardiniere

JardiniereJardiniere: “A stand for flower pots, usually in metal, but sometimes in wood.”   (The Dictionary of Decorative Arts, by John Fleming and Hugh Honour, Harper and Row, 1977, p.415.)

While these flower pots do appear in wood and metal, the most popular jardinieres are in earthenware or porcelain, and achieved great popularity in American Art Pottery and English Majolica styles, although they do frequently appear with Neoclassical or Asian decorative arts. Popular makers are Weller, Roseville, Wedgwood, and range from the ornate to the simple.  They are excellent for their purpose of displaying and holding plants and most are very sturdy, yet can be quite heavy. Most are inexpensive, ranging from $400-1000, and are excellent additions to any interior or exterior decor, and there are many styles, colors, and sizes on the market to chose from, so you’re likely to find the perfect jardiniere for your home or office.

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